Dexter is Back

By camlCase

on March 01, 2021

We are happy to announce that the serious flaw in Dexter, which was discovered by the Nomadic Labs team in February, has been patched, and Dexter is back online. (For a full technical description of the flaw, see this blog post from Nomadic Labs). We welcome users back to the exchange.

A rewrite of the Dexter contract, produced by outside experts at Nomadic Labs and LIGO, is also in the works and should be released in a few weeks. This new version of Dexter will have improved functionality and consume less gas.

To avoid delays for the users of Dexter, we have decided to go live again with the patched contract for now, and will be announcing the new contract after it is audited by an independent third party.

We will have more news to share with you regarding the future of Dexter soon.

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