Having trouble understanding the Tezos RPC? camlCase has you covered with this Postman collection.

By Simon McLoughlin

on September 08, 2020

Today camlCase is releasing version 1 of a series of tutorials, to help Tezos blockchain developers learn how to use the Tezos RPC, to integrate the Tezos blockchain into their applications.

camlCase recently launched our native mobile wallet for Tezos on iOS and Android, called Magma, which required us to use the Tezos RPC for blockchain operations. As it stands, the RPC documentation presents difficulties for a new developer. For instance, not every step of sending an operation is covered in its examples. Furthermore, the documentation uses languages and libraries not available to mobile platforms, and many of its examples assume some understanding of the inner workings of the blockchain.

We’ve seen other developers struggling with similar issues on Reddit or the Tezos StackExchange. Internally we have documents and tools to help us test and debug issues, so we’ve decided to clean them up, add some easy-to-follow tutorials and release them to the community to help developers who are struggling with the same topics.

This RPC tutorial comes in the form of a collection of pre-configured requests and environments using the application Postman, which developers can download and experiment with. (Postman is a free tool which allows developers to collect, execute, and manage network calls to verify them before adding them to their application code.) These Postman requests come with code samples showing how to format, process and calculate figures from the network responses. We provide companion explanations for each step, including what’s going on in the background. We also include links to tools and other sources that can help complete these tasks.

This resource can be found here on our company Gitlab account.

Version 1 covers:

  • How to send/inject an Operation to the Tezos Blockchain

  • How to estimate the fees for an Operation

  • How to reveal a wallet so it can inject Operations

This is only the start. We will be updating this collection in the future to include other topics such as integrating FA1.2 tokens, error handling, delegating and working with our other applications such as the Dexter exchange.

For more information on camlCase or our tools, check out our company website: https://camlcase.io/

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