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The Baking Sheet #1

helloWorld! Thanks for being here for our first issue of The Baking Sheet, brought to you by camlCase

What better week to launch this newsletter than the week Mainnet arrives! Betanet was a successful and tasty lunch, almost without issue, as was the transition to Mainnet. Tezos has been running smoothly for months now!

Every week, this newsletter will compile and comment on the many things happening in the past week and coming up in the next week, within the Tezos world. But for the first few posts I will also link to some amazing content from the past year. So much has happened, and there is so much information out there, that I think it will be useful to summarize as much as possible in these first few posts. Most of you will be familiar with many of these, but I hope everyone finds something new.

The list of everything I can think of is at the end of this newsletter, but first...

Here’s what’s new

Tezos Mainnet is Live!

Bitfinex Lists Tezos

Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml

Class started on September 17 but it’s not too late to register. Learn the language behind Tezos

Tezos NYC Meetup

This is the meetup I have organized for the past year. We are having another event on September 24 in Brooklyn. Obsidian Systems, Tocqueville Group, and camlCase will be presenting. Join us!

The New and Improved Foundation Website

The Tezos foundation website has been expanded and is now packed with information. They have new sections highlighting upcoming events and news, and the process for submitting a grant proposal has been improved. Please check it out if you haven’t visited recently.

Arthur’s Dev Update

A year’s worth of Tezos links, culled from my misfiring brain, and crushed into a tiny box


From Tezos Community, the first link is a great compilation of resources to get a node up and running, and the second is a forum that has been running from the early days.

Another great compilation of resources

Tezos does rock. This site shows the many reasons why

Must Read Articles

Towards Futarchy in Tezos - Arthur Breitman

Liquid Proof of Stake - Jacob Arluck

The Forgotten Contracts - Kate Sills

There are so many great articles written over the past year and each week I will list several.

Medium Accounts You Should Follow

Arthur Breitman

Kathleen Breitman


Obsidian Systems

Cryptium Labs

Again, I will be listing more each week.


Here’s some cool stuff


Contribute to this book. Do it.

Some Closing Remarks

I know I missed a lot. More from the last year will be posted in the next few newsletters

Hang in there with me. This newsletter will improve a lot in the coming months as I get into the groove

Let me know what I missed

Let me know how I can improve

Here's how you let me know. Email

And one last thing...

Tez Giveaway!

As a special thanks to everyone who subscribed to this first newsletter, I am giving away unlimited Tez!!!!!!!!!

4 October 2018

The Baking Sheet #2

Yeah lets call this a bi-weekly newsletter

We hit some cool milestones recently. 10k subscribers on the Tezos subreddit, 60% of Tez activated, 2 Baking Sheets. Cool stuff.

Btw, archived issues of The Baking Sheet will be available soon

Here’s what’s new

Bug :(

A mysterious group of gray hat hackers calling themselves "Norn Community" sent an operation which crashed the network for a few hours until a fix was pushed through. But Bitcoin's bug was far more serious so ha!

I call them gray hat because they are snarky and reckless but not exactly malicious. Here is the message from a Norn representative posted on the Tezos Baking Slack:

Oh that link didn't work for you?! Then keep asking around on the Riot channels until someone from Obsidian Systems gives you access. They run the slack and it is very active.

Blockchain Explorers Other than tzscan

We all know and love Indeed, it is an excellent block explorer. But it's risky to rely on a single source for blockchain information. The only sure way to verify transaction is to run your own node, but if you can't do that, at least check out some of the other great block explorers. Also, the same gray hat hackers mentioned above found a vulnerability in tzscan (which is outlined in their slack message). No block explorer is perfect!

Skynet Dapp!

Stephen Andrews must be three wunderkinds in a trench coat because wow this guy is productive. And yes, the name scares me.

The Terminator: The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

Sarah Connor: Skynet fights back.

I heard they are rebranding to something less apocalyptic.

Oh wait, Mr. Andrews isn't done because also:

Ledger Support!

What about Cryptonomic? They are close...

Tezos Wallets

Check out the new Cortez Android Mobile Wallet

Michelson Plugin for IntelliJ


Interviews and Articles

Have you read this Wired article about the foundation drama? It's super-cute, mega-long, and a must read. #wrongnerds

Interview with Ryan Jesperson

Tezos Baking Economics

The Tezos Experiment


San Francisco Blockchain Week

Attendees from the Tezos world include Cryptium, Tocqueville Group, Cryptonomic, Obsidian Systems, and camlCase (yes, I will be there. say hi)

Montreal Meetup

Before you go...

Remember kids, the only fool-proof way to prevent loss of crypto-funds is abstinence. But if you must dabble in the seductive and dangerous world of cryptocurrency speculation, then please practice safe key management!

23 October 2018

The Baking Sheet #3

I had the honor of serving at the Tezos booth while at San Francisco Blockchain week. It was more like I was standing in for someone who went to get lunch, but it was still a great experience. I spread the Tezos Gospel. "Have you heard the good news?" I said. And then I placed a pamphlet in their eager hands. Actually I told them to sign up for more info on an iPad.

But for real, I had a lot of fun talking about Tezos to curious strangers. Most people there had heard of Tezos but didn't know much about it. We still have a lot of work to do to get the word out!

Some Stuff Happened

Release the Kraken!
Sorry, I couldn't resist. Volume is still low across all exchanges but it's still early days. Also, our volume isn't faked ;-)

Cryptonomic and Quantreq
Awesome partnership between these two. Vishakh built a derivatives trading platform (with his bare hands, coding) while at JPMorgan, and now they are partnering with a leading prime brokerage firm. Good stuff will come of this.
                        Ce n'est pas une chèvre

All we know is that he/she is Definitely Not A Goat. But it bequeathed something of value (Package goTezos exposes the Tezos RPC API in goLang) that you should check out.

One Kilo-Dev
Grant supporting the training of ONE THOUSAND new developers

Learn OCaml

This is a great book for learning Ocaml. However! It is written by some of the main guys at Jane Street and the material relies heavily on the enormous Core library they created while there. Tezos does not use their core library, so be warned!

Also here's why Jane Street uses OCaml

If you want a book that doesn't rely on the core library then try OCaml from the Very Beginning

Zastrin Releases First Tezos Tutorial

They received a grant from the foundation and they are making good on it. Btw, Zastrin sounds like the name of a pharmaceutical drug

Tezos Stack Exchange

We're almost there! Let's push past the finish line

Obsidian Baking Slack

So last time I told you guys to get on Obsidian's Baking Slack but I gave vague and mysterious instructions on how to do so. Just email the team directly and they will be happy to set you up.

Interviews and Articles

A Roadmap From Some Dude

It's A roadmap not THE roadmap

Future Content

I couldn't find much this time. Send stuff! What I can say is that camlCase will be writing Michelson tutorials and other Tezos related blog posts. Stay tuned

I leave you with a random and totally out of context quote from Kathleen

"You can formally verify a ham sandwich." - Kathleen Breitman

14 November 2018

The Baking Sheet #4

Hey American friends! Did you vote in the midterms last week? No one cares. Voting on Tezos is all that matters now. Btw, when voting gets going on Tezos we should all get stickers with the tz logo that says “I voted” and post pictures of ourselves on Facebook.

Look at all the cool stuff going on

Grantee Spotlights

Check out the grantee spotlights for Cryptonomic, Obsidian Systems, and Cryptium Labs. These videos are so polished!

B9lab Tezos Training

Remember that 1000 Tezos developers initiative? It's happening :)

Tezbox Desktop

Tzscan Open Source

Cryptium's Backerei

Galleon Wallet Supports Ledger

No more sweaty palms when checking your balance

Blockchain Works

Need to hire a someone with blockchain experience? They are hard to come by. Blockchain Works does an excellent job of sourcing talented developers in this space. I used them to make my first hire and I am a very happy customer :)

Interviews and Events

Breitman Interviews



Tezos NYC Meetup

The Breitmans will be there, Kathleen will be speaking, and it's hosted at the mysterious TQ HQ

As requested by The Yenta of the network herself, another no context Kathleen quote

"It was remarkable. He was like one of those fainting goats." - Kathleen Breitman

4 December 2018

The Baking Sheet #5

Ouch. Rough market. But everyone I know working on Tezos is in this long term. Hang in there. The pace of innovation is only increasing.

The first on-chain vote is coming soon. I will probably have more details in the next issue :)

Update Your Node!

Mandatory Tezos Protocol Update

This is pinned for a reason. It is a security related update. If you are a baker, please update your node.

If you delegate, make sure your baker of choice has upgraded. Go to the tzscan link below and look for the baker version column to see if they are up to date.

Mandatory Update of Wallets

Related to the above, you must also upgrade your Galleon wallet.

And your Tezbox wallet

And probably other wallets and stuff

Articles, Interviews, and Events and More

Tezos Governance Amendment Process

Finally, a clear explanation of how this works! And we will get to see how this all plays out in the next couple months :)

Kiln - by Obsidian Systems

This platform provides excellent support for independent home bakers, and thus helps Tezos become more decentralized. Awesome work by Obsidian

Interview with Ryan Jesperson

So Many Tezos Events All Over the World

First Step Towards ZK-Snarks on Tezos

This is taking shape sooner than I expected! But please note these are only OCaml Bindings Still a good first step


Michelson Tutorial by camlCase

First in a bi-weekly series. Each segment will be a chapter and eventually this will be book length. We love feedback

OCaml Pro - An Introduction to Tezos RPC

20 December 2018

The Baking Sheet #6

The original Blade Runner takes place in 2019. We were promised replicants and all we got was a self-amending cryptographic ledger.

Let 2019 be the year of Tezos! :P


Nomadic Labs

The team who developed the Tezos seed protocol has grown, and now they have a name, Nomadic Labs. They wander the interwebs on their two-humped OCamls Welcomes You

It's no longer a vacant cosmic backdrop. has become an inviting portal into the world of Tezos. The Get Started section is awesome!

Voting Docs

In addition to Jacob's brilliant article on the amendment process, you can find out more about voting in the new section of the Tezos documentation

Huobi Lists Tezos, But Wait...

This link no longer points to an announcement and I can't find the original on their site. FUD time!

Stack Exchange - Proposed Q&A Site

Content from the Community

Jacob Arluck on Governance in 51% Podcast

Michelson Tutorial - Part 2

This tutorial sets you up for the rest of the series, in which you can learn all the Michelson things


Great double-baking explainer

17 January 2019

The Baking Sheet #7

Guys, it's happening. Just look at all the great stuff below.

Content Box Number One

Arthur Video - Tezos 2018 Reflections & Ideas for 2019

Lots of great ideas packed into only ten minutes

Obsidian Adds Ledger Nano S Voting Functionality

Now you will be able to use your Ledger Nano S to vote on upcoming proposals

Kiln Upgrade

Also from Obsidian, Kiln now includes baker monitoring and Tezos release monitoring. These two releases are empowering independent bakers! Great work Obsidian :)

Michelson in Coq

Chef Rafoo has baked some Coq au vim for Monsieur Michelson

Ocaml Pro - Improving Tezos Storage

Cool experiments and analysis of Tezos storage

Second Content Box

Michelson Tutorials - Parts 3 and 4

Write a simple Michelson contract, originate it on alphanet, and interact with it in various ways

And learn about data structures. PAPAIR

Tezos Commons Offers Co-Working Space

If you live in the Bay Area and work on Tezos and like super heroes...

Cryptium - A Closer Look Into Snapshots

I love it when this stuff gets explained with nice visuals

Tezos NYC Meetup

Last time we ate Shake Shack. Now we want to step up our game. I'm not saying there will be a sushi chef there. But I'm not saying there won't be a sushi chef there.

30 January 2019

The Baking Sheet #8

First vote incoming. This is what we've all been waiting for. Whether you delegate or bake, get involved! Discussion is happening on Kialo and Reddit. And all the details are below.

The other big announcement this week is the unveiling of Tocqueville Group. They will be (actually, already are) a major force in the Tezos ecosystem. They're tackling the big challenges which have hindered Tezos adoption to date. You can read all about them in the links provided below. Also, they will be doing an AMA soon!

Amendment Proposals

First Vote! - Nomadic Labs Makes a Proposal

This is what makes Tezos, Tezos. Now all we need are some celebrities to tell you to rock the vote.

Vote Discussion on Kialo

A heated discussion is underway! Actually it's quite civil. Join in and voice your opinion.

Proposal Dissection

Awa from Cryptium gets forensic on the proposed amendment. This is an excellent primer.

Tocqueville Group

Lets Welcome Tocqueville Group

But you can call them TQ. They have formed several partnerships to support companies working in the Tezos ecosystem, including Obsidian Systems, and us (camlCase). We have really enjoyed working with them. Keep an eye on this company. There will be more announcements soon.

Also, they have a Tezos wiki


Also run by TQ, TQuorum is a big Tezos conference. Like DevCon only better.

Other Interesting Stuff

TCF - Tezos Capstone, and some Org Structure News

Good news for the progress on getting 1000 developers working on Tezos. From the article below, "Tezos Capstone: a free, self-paced training program that will provide a foundation in blockchain, OCaml, and dApp development, and will culminate in participants delivering a capstone project upon completion."

Ledger Live Support for Tezos - And a Guide

Tezos is now on Ledger Live, which is an excellent GUI for their hardware wallet.

Obsidian Systems has written up a guide on how to set up ledger live with three different wallets: Galleon, TezBox, and Magnum Wallet

Tezos Stack Exchange

We did it! Sign up for the beta

Tez Talks

All your favorite speakers will be there

Tendermint on Tezos?

Chris Goes of Cosmos and Cryptium presents Tendermint to Nomadic Labs

21 February 2019

The Baking Sheet #9

A quarter billion dollars of real estate will be tokenized on Tezos! And a full billion possibly in the future.

Several new products or projects have launched

And TQ has been on fire lately

A lot has happened this February :-)

News and Announcements

Elevated Returns

Elevated Returns will use Tezos to tokenize over $250 million worth of real estate this year. They also have real assets worth over one billion dollars lined up for future tokenization. They are working with Tocqueville Group and Securitize to make this happen, and we at camlCase will be writing the smart contracts.

Tocqueville Group

A lot of announcements coming out of TQ in the past few weeks. They are administering an Ecosystem Grants Fund, they have commissioned a project called Granary, which is a development environment for writing smart contracts in ReasonML, they hosting a meetup in NYC about State of the Tezos Ecosystem, they have an AMA which is happening NOW (Feb 21), and they created a nice visualization explaining the amendment process. AND they brokered the Elevated Returns deal. Wow!


Ecosystem Grants Program

State of the Tezos Ecosystem Meetup


Amendment Visualization

Nomadic Labs Blog

Nomadic has written two great blog posts recently. One is an in-depth, technical article describing the amendment process. The other introduces two new node features, history and snapshots.

Amendments at work in Tezos

Snapshots and history mode


Cryptonomic - Conseil and Arronax

Conseil and Arronax are named after characters form the Jules Verne novel, Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Although they "intentionally" misspelled Arronax (should be Aronnax) it does look like a cool project; a different kind of block explorer. Also, Conseil's documentation and tutorials are getting good.

Write up on Conseil Architecture

Conseil Tutorial - More to Come


Run a Node in Kiln

Kiln v0.4 includes several node monitor updates and the ability to run a node in Kiln


Marigold is a layer 2 solution inspired by Plasma which is currently in development

Kalhatti Launches on Tezos

Kalhatti is a micro-investment platform built on Tezos


Why Tezos?

AirGap Adds Support for Tezos

AirGap is a crypto-wallet for iOS and Android. They now have beta support for XTZ

13 March 2019

The Baking Sheet #10

I always assumed that Athens was named after Athena, but it turns out it's probably the reverse. She was born out of Athens, but as myth would have it, she was born out of the head of Zeus. All hail Athena; goddess of wisdom and war :P

Not only is the vote in progress, but so are several new smart contract languages. See below!

Rock The Vote


The Athens proposal from Nomadic Labs has been injected. Athens is widely considered the birthplace of democracy; and now it will represent the birth of on-chain democracy :) Let the voting commence!

Cryptium's On-Chain Governance Policy

Awa wrote a nice article about Cryptium's on-chain governance policy. It would be nice to see other delegation services do this. If others have done so, let me know and I will include them in the next issue.

Also she is speaking at Tez Talks

PolyChain Capital

The largest staking operation on Tezos, Polychain, explains their voting decision to the community.

TzScan Vote Data

You can keep track of the vote on tzscan

Obsidian Vote on Ledger

Obsidian has created a guide on voting with your ledger. Also, their Kiln baking monitor has been updated to version 2.0

Smart Contract Languages


SmartPy is a high level smart contract language based on Python, but it also uses on OCaml for functional programming. It will eventually evolve into a development environment and include features like automatic proofs and static analysis. This language will lower the barrier to entry for programming smart contracts on Tezos while retaining many of the secure features of Michelson!

Tocqueville Group supports SmartPy

Francois describes his project

Liquidity v1.0

More good news for smart contracts on Tezos. Liquidity has finally reached a stable 1.0 version

Other Stuff

Preview of Staker

They're starting with Tezos!

Tezos Commons - Grantee Spotlight

Samuel Harrison and Jonas Lamis talk about their grant from the foundation to support Tezos Commons


A test execution engine from OCaml Pro. What's that? It helps test functional properties of Michelson